The Festival of Dyslexic Culture

Organised by people who identify as dyslexic, dyspraxic, dyscalculic, AD(H)D & Asperger’s for everyone to enjoy.   A celebration of who we are through what we create, showcasing the things we excel at:  from art to innovation in academia, from music to creative writing, from acting to engineering, from dance to entrepreneurial business and beyond.


The 2014 Festival has three themes:


  • What is Dyslexic Culture?
  • The Best Things About Being Dyslexic
  • Conditions for Success


It will include:

  • A Festival with live performances by dyslexic musicians, artists, dancers & poets. Workshops by dyslexic innovators & entrepreneurs, film makers & authors. An Exhibition of art, film, engineering & guidance for success
  • An Academic Symposium, where speakers are dyslexic or have associated neurodiversity
  • An Evening’s Entertainment with live music & comedy