Ways to Support the Festival

Contributing your work.

We are calling on all successful dyslexic creatives to allow us to temporarily upload a video of your work (songs, stand-up, film, animation, talks, poetry etc).  If you give us temporary commercial rights, we can generate seed funding for the Festival through running adverts on your video on our official YouTube Channel.

You can do this by completing this Video Donation form.  Don’t forget to tell us about yourself when you do.

Together, we can make an amazing difference.

Contributing towards the organising team.

As we get closer now to the festival, things are really starting to take shape. But we would never turn down an extra pair of helping hands, so please fill in a a Volunteer to help the festival contact form  within the volenteer tab.

Contributing financially.

This festival is a non profit event that’s intentions are to celebrate who we are through what we create, but we need money to do this. You can do this by watching as many youtube videos as you can (without adblocker) or if you want to make a donation it would be very much appreciated so please email the Festival Director Ross Cooper at rosscooperre@gmail.co.uk.