– The Dyslexic Academic Symposium 2015

In 2015, the academic symposium will take place on the first of the 2 day Festival of Dyslexic Culture, along with performances and exhibitions.

Festival of Dyslexic Culture Symposium Programme (including performances, book launches, films  and exhibitions)

10.00 Festival Symposium Welcome (doors open at 9.30am)

10.15 Panel discussion

10.45 break

11.00 choice of workshops*

11.45 break

12.00 choice of workshops*

12.45 lunch and performances/exhibitions

2.15 Keynote: Dr Stephen MacDonald –Beyond the Social Model of Disability: Conceptualising the Implications of the Social Model of Disability in the Study of Dyslexia

3.00 break

3.15 choice of workshops*

4.00 break

4.15 choice of workshops*

5.00 break

5.15 Comedy performance – award winning duo Revan and Fennel

5.30 Panel and concluding remarks

6.00 Finish

*Workshop presenters include:

  • Dr Tilly Mortimore
  • Tony and Dr Beverley Steffert
  • Jo Todd
  • Neil Alexander-Passe
  • Dr Andy Hill
  • Katherine Hewlett
  • Heather Symons
  • Cheri Shone
  • John Morrow
  • James Addicot
  • Niket Shah
  • Ranjita Dhital

Workshops include:

  • Emerging research about dyslexia and 3-D thinking
  • Mental health and dyslexia
  • Neurodivergent strengths in the workplace
  • Developing AchieveAbility into a successful charity
  • Beyond Reasonable Adjustments
  • Overcoming barriers for dyslexic PhD students
  • Once Diagnosed Twice Pathologised
  • Universal software design