A celebration of who we are, through what we create

The Festival of Dyslexic Culture will showcase all the things that dyslexic (and dyspraxic, dyscalculic, AD(H)D and Aspergers) people are good at, and how we excel at them.

We are planning the 2nd Festival for October 2015, and will include actors, animators, architects, artists, comedians, chefs, dancers, dreamers, dyslexic youth creativity, engineers, entrepreneurs, games designers, improvisers, information technology geeks, inventors, film makers, lateral thinkers, leaders, musicians, photographers, poets, politicians, problem solvers, song writers, athletes, story tellers, writers, visionaries and all other manner of creative hybrids and activities.

Our YouTube Channel will collect your videos to audition for the Festival, and showcase videos from supporters of the Festival.

Video of the Week:  A Soldier’s Wife, Holly

The more you watch, the more seed funding the Festival will receive.